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During the summer of 2017, Ryan Calderwood worked as an intern at Voyten Electric alongside other engineers and electricians. While at Voyten, he was taught how to rewire, rebuild, and upgrade breakers for many different companies across the country. Ryan was also introduced to silver and nickel plating which helped provide the highest electrical conductivity and that was crucial for out line of work. This was something he was taught and with which he was greatly involved.

Rod Huber

Applying his skills

Ryan is currently a senior at PSU Behrend studying mechanical engineering. His studies focus upon understanding and designing machines and systems utilizing appropriate materials to work as efficiently as possible. He owns Ryan's Elite Auto Detailing which specializes in high end exotics and classic muscle cars which is how he was introduced to Andy Hessler. After discussing his personal experience with plating technology with Andy, Andy informed Ryan of the molten salt diffusion technology with which Brokkr has been working. Ryan was more than excited to hear about this new form of plating and wanted to help in any way that he could. When the machine is finished and Brokkr Tech is able to conducts tests using PSU Behrend labs, Ryan hopes to be involved with as many of these tests as possible. He plans to use his expertise with Brokkr for his senior design project as well.

Ryan Calderwood

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