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Rod’s background lies in tech, sales and project management, mainly dealing in the computer and audio/video trades. He has spent countless hours making sure that the right products were sold and projects completed in a timely manner with amazing finishes. He likes to be hands-on and “in the thick of things". Rod has an unwavering passion for making sure his customers are completely satisfied. His imagination, creativity and trustworthiness make him an indispensable member of the Brokkr team.

When Rod isn’t working, he often can be found playing softball, biking trails with his kids, or tooling around with various gadgets. He is into music, movies, and fidgets with music creation and photography.

Rod Huber

Seeing the Potential

Rod has been a sounding board for Andy since High School. Rod was immediately intrigued by the Draupnir™ technologies when Andy came to him with the product. The convergence of good science and excellent technologies had breadth of potential for amazing end products. Rod is excited to work alongside Andy and company.

Rod Huber

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