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Andy Hessler

The Experience to Proceed


Andy received his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His early industry experience introduced him to the world of aerospace hydraulics at Tactair Fluid Controls. Working on various flight control valves and other highly engineered fluid power components instilled in him a deep appreciation for the extra rigors the military and aerospace industries required. This experience with precision machining and exacting documentation has served him well in his industrial career.


His career in hydraulic system design has allowed him to work on platforms diverse as forklifts, combines, and crawler cranes. Each of these industries has presented challenges in lubrication and wear, which led to a further involvement with tribological systems. This combined passion for fluid power and tribology has now led to the creation of Brokkr Technologies to serve as a means to commercialize our novel surface coatings.

Andy Hessler
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